A Tutorial on How to Use Paypal MultiOrder Shipping Efficiently to Save Time and Money on Postage

27 Apr

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Paypal MultiOrder Shipping (Yes I know “MultiOrder” is an odd looking word, but that’s what they call it) is a free and relatively easy to use tool provided by Paypal to print up to 50 domestic shipping labels at one time.  You can import your orders paid with Paypal, your eBay orders whether paid with Paypal or not, a .CSV or .TSV file, or make shipping labels from scratch.  MultiOrder shipping is faster than printing one label at a time because in MultiOrder shipping it is possible to quickly assign a “shipping preset” that is preprogrammed with all the information you would normally have to click for every label.  Once you familiarize yourself with the process, you’ll be amazed at how many labels you can print in the time it used to take to print two or three.

Click the link below or the title above to learn how:

This guide is picture friendly to make sure everyone can clearly see what I’m talking about and no one gets lost throughout the process.  Don’t be frightened, it’s really an easy process to set up.  It should only take about 15 minutes from start to finish.

First, you need to add “ship.paypal.com” and “paypal.com” to your Pop-Up Exceptions list so MultiOrder Shipping can open properly.  To do this in Firefox:

Click Tools at the top of any browser window and choose “Options” from the dropdown menu

Add Paypal to Pop-Up Block Exceptions List

Click the “Content” tab and the “Exceptions” box to the right of “Block pop-up windows” and add “ship.paypal.com” and “www.paypal.com” both without quotations

Add Paypal to Pop-Up Block Exceptions List

Now to the good stuff.  Login to your Paypal account.  If you have opened Paypal MultiOrder Shipping before you will see a convenient link on the top left.  If you have not then you will need to click the “Products and Services” tab

Paypal My Account

At the bottom of this page you will see a box with various Paypal services.  Click MultiOrder Shipping.

Paypal Products and Services

This will launch the MultiOrder Shipping tool.  After some loading the following box will come up.  Read it and then click the “Import” button.

Import eBay or Paypal orders

Here, choose the appropriate option.  Most of you are probably shipping eBay orders paid with Paypal.  If you have orders from eBay that were not paid via Paypal and want to ship them now, check that box as well.  Click the “Import” button.  A box will come up saying that the orders have been imported.  Click “Ok.”

Import eBay or Paypal orders

If everything went correctly you should see a box like this, with your orders imported.  When you highlight an order by clicking on it you can see the details on the right side of the screen along with the item details.

eBay and Paypal Orders Loaded

Click “Edit” at the top and then “Settings.”

Paypal MultiOrder Shipping Presets

First, pick the address you would like for the return address on all the shipping labels you are about to print.  I recommend checking the “Email Recipient” box at the bottom as well, so Paypal will email your buyer with the relevant shipping information automatically.

Paypal Address Pick

Now Click “Print Settings.”  You can choose your printer and whether or not you want the receipt and packing slips and list to print after the labels.  This is a little misleading because it will not actually print the receipt or packing slips automatically, it will just pop them up onto the screen so you have the option to print.  If you plan on including packing slips keep that checked, otherwise you can uncheck it.  I highly recommend the packing list and receipt. The packing list is what tells you what each label is for and the receipt shows the cost of each package so you can double check to make sure you did not make any mistakes.

Paypal MultiOrder Shipping Printer Settings

Click “Shipping Presets” and then the “Create” button.

Create Shipping Preset

Next, it’s time to set up “Shipping Presets.”   These are used to quickly assign shipment details to an order.  You will only have to create each preset this one time.   I am going to explain how to create a preset for a 1 pound Priority package, a 2 pound Priority package, a 3 pound Priority package, and a Flat Rate Box.  If you are unsure of when you should use Flat Rate boxes, please see my guide on utilizing them at Utilizing USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes For Your eBay Business You can use the “1 pound” preset for Flat Rate Envelopes and Small Flat Rate Boxes as well.  The cost to ship the Flat Rate Envelope and Small Flat Rate Box are the same as shipping a 1 pound Priority Mail package, so the Post Office will accept the Flat Rate packages shipped as one pound without a problem.   It’s all the same to them. There is no way to ship Large Flat Rate Boxes with Paypal.   If you want to ship these, you will have to print the label at USPS.com.

For 1 pound Priority Mail, fill out the form like in the picture below.  For Service Type, choose Package/Thick Envelope under Priority Mail.  The package dimensions do not need to be exact for each package, which makes it possible to use these presets.  USPS now charges extra for excessively large packages.  To see what constitutes a “large package,” see USPS Large Package If the package is smaller than that then they don’t care if the dimensions are correct because the price will not change.  The dimensions are only necessary in case the package requires extra postage because it’s too “large.”  You can also choose to hide the cost of postage.  I recommend doing this if you charge a shipping cost higher than the actual cost.  If you charge correct rates or offer “free shipping” then you might as well let the buyer have the opportunity to see what the cost was.   Click save at the bottom.

Flat Rate and 1 Pound Shipping Preset

Click “Create” at the top again to make a 2 pounds preset.  When it says “Based on preset” choose the preset you just made and it will automatically load the information.  All you need to do here is change the weight to “1 Lb. 1 oz. – 2lbs.”  Click save and do the same to create a 3 pound preset.

2 Pounds Shipping Preset

3 Pounds Shipping Preset

Finally, make a Flat Rate Box preset.  For “Service Type,” Choose “Flat Rate Box.”  Click save.  Now that you are familiar with how to create shipping presets, you can create more to customize them to your shipping needs.

USPS Flat Rate Box Shipping Preset

After you’re done creating shipping presets, click “Packing Slip Template.”  If you print and include packing slips with your orders you can fill in what you would like to say here.

Paypal Packing Slip

Now it’s time to assign presets to each package.  Close out of the settings box by clicking the “X” in the top right corner.   Click the package you would like to assign a preset.  To choose more than one at a time, hold down the “ctrl” button on your keyboard while you click.  You can also hold down the “shift” key to select all of the packages.  Now, go to the “Apply Preset” dropdown menu and choose the appropriate preset.   Notice that after you choose the preset the service and weight information is now filled in automatically.  If you are not comfortable using presets or have a package that does not have a preset created, you can manually change the service type and weight information from here.  Just use the drop down menu for each.  It won’t be as efficient as using presets, but it will still be much faster than shipping filling out the forms one at a time.

Apply Shipping Preset to Paypal and eBay order

After you apply the preset, if everything is correct, the far left box will turn green.   If there is a problem, a red error icon will show up.  If this happens click “edit” and double check to make sure the address is correct.  Once everything is, click the “Print” button.

paypal multiorder shipping everything correct

You can choose the type of printer you are using and the shipping date.  Choose “plain paper” even you are using self adhesive shipping labels on a laser or inkjet printer. The tool just wants to know if you’re using a fancy label maker.

Choose Printer Type and Date

You are now in the “Print Preview” tab.  Once you have verified all of the information is correct, it’s time to click the “Pay and Print” button.

Paypal MultiOrder Shipping Pay and Print

A bar will now show up on the screen and it will say that it’s obtaining information from USPS.  Once it finishes obtaining the information, the usual dialogue box comes up. Choose “Print Labels.”  You can also print a “Scan form” here.  The scan form is handy if you have USPS pick up the packages at your home or office.  The mail carrier will not scan each package individually, but they will scan the “Scan Form.”  This will update your Delivery/Signature Confirmation numbers and tell your buyers that the packages have been accepted by the USPS.  I recommend printing this form out so your numbers will at least update that they have been accepted.  For more information on Delivery Confirmation, check out my guide on it, The Limitations of USPS Delivery Confirmation.

Paypal MultiOrder Shipping Print Labels

Verify the printer is correct and click “Ok.”

Paypal MultiOrder Shipping Print Labels

Your labels should now print.  Notice that they come out in alphabetical order by first name.  Once the labels have completed printing, click the “Ok” button.

Paypal Shipping Labels Have Printed

After clicking “Ok,” a number of browser windows should pop up.  The most important is the “Package List.”  This lists the names and addresses of the labels you just printed along with what item they purchased.  The list is in the order that the labels printed, so it should be easy to match them up.  You can either print this list to use later or write on the corner of the label a short code that indicates which item goes with which label.  For example, if you sell IPods, you don’t want to write “IPod Touch” on the label, but you might write “I TCH.” For 80gb IPod Classics, you might write “Class 8.”  Devise a system that makes sense to you, but won’t make it obvious to anyone else what’s inside.  The packing slips are also available to print, as well as a list of the shipping details of each package along with the individual cost.

Paypal Shipping USPS Package List

Congratulations, you made it.   You can go back to reprint an order if necessary by clicking the “History” tab.  Delivery Confirmation information as well as the total cost of the order is also available.  Click around to see all of the options.

Paypal Shipping History Tab

In addition, you can go back to “My Account” in Paypal and check the details of any order.  You can also void specific labels if you made a mistake and see all of the relevant information that was available in the “History” tab in MultiOrder Shipping.


That about sums up Paypal MultiOrder Shipping.  It may take a few minutes to get everything set up, but it will save you a significant amount of time in the long run, even if you’re only printing two or three labels at a time.

If you have any questions or part of this tutorial is not clear, please leave a comment and I will get back to you.  You can also email me at josh@auctioncope.com.

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15 Responses to “A Tutorial on How to Use Paypal MultiOrder Shipping Efficiently to Save Time and Money on Postage”

  1. Brett 27. Jun, 2009 at 7:12 pm #

    Nice tutorial, however it would have been great to see EXACTLY how you print a packing slip using MultiOrder shipping, so we can see how you address the common problem of the Item #, Description, and Quantity fields defaulting to “n/a” (note that “n/a” also appears in the main list, where the “item #” field is shown – see in your screen captures above).

    Many users are having this problem, and PayPal has yet to provide a solution after several years now. It’s a problem because without this information displaying in MultiOrder – without knowing the items and quantities and therefore weights and values – it’s impossible to know what shipping details to enter (or which shipping presets to select) in order to print a label. Likewise, the detail-less packing slip is of little use to the customer for purposes of validating that the items receive match what was originally ordered.

    The only obvious solution is to go back to the PayPal account overview page and print the packing slips separately, one at a time. This largely defeats the purpose of using MultiOrder in the first place, which is to save time over the old, slow method of shipping orders.

    Any information you might be able to provide, any solutions to this problem, would round out your otherwise very thorough discussion nicely.

  2. Brett 27. Jun, 2009 at 7:20 pm #

    In follow-up to my previous comments, I should just note that the problem is specific to MultiOrder shipping and does not affect standard PayPal shipping. In the latter case, packing slips display correctly with all relevant information regarding the order. Rather, this information is simply not being passed to the MultiOrder tool when orders are imported. If you look closely during an import, you can see the Item # field has a status-type message that then reverts to “n/a”, indicating that the software is trying to grab the information but for some reason is failing. Phone calls to PayPal tech support lead me to believe that this is a Java-related issue and that the solution is to uninstall and reinstall (update) Java on the system in use. However this solution hasn’t worked for me, and the general sense is that PayPal doesn’t really have a solution to a known and long ongoing issue.

  3. Matthew Wilson 15. Mar, 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    Hey, very nice tutorial.

    I come across it looking for how to add email addresses to orders when creating new orders from scratch. I hope I did not miss it in you info here on this page if so please forgive.

    Thanks so much,
    Matthew Wilson

  4. David 31. May, 2010 at 11:40 am #

    I am going to be importing orders into paypal mutli-order shipping (MOS) via a third party system using CSV import.

    Does anyone know which columns need to be in the csv import file in order for it to work with paypal multi-order shipping. Is there a template available somewhere?



  5. Steve 23. Aug, 2010 at 6:07 pm #

    Is there any way to change the layout of the shipping label? I use a PB LPS-1 printer and it uses a very thin, continuous label feed. I would like to move the delivery confirmation barcode to the far left or right of the label instead of having it in the center.

  6. codegoose 16. Aug, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    Google “Paypal Batch Printing”. This tool prints out your Paypal / Ebay Packing Slips all at once. A real time saver.

    The Packing Slips can be customized and they have more details than regular / normal Paypal Packing Slips.

    It is worth checking out.

  7. Nilusha 11. Mar, 2012 at 9:51 pm #

    Hi there,

    It seems that PayPal’s MultiOrder system will be useful. But could you tell me what are some of the limitations there are to this system? I’d like to use it, but before setting anything up, it would be nice to know what sort of negative feedback there is about this system! Thanks in advance!

  8. Leti 19. Aug, 2013 at 8:32 am #

    I do not see the multiorder shipping link anywhere..where is it exactly?

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