Categorized Index of EBay PayPal USPS Guides on This Website

28 Apr

Here is a categorized, alphabetical list of all of the guides, articles, news, rants, etc. that are featured on this website.  I have italicized the ten most popular articles and a couple of my favorites.  The three most popular articles are the one on restoring a PayPal account after it becomes limited, the one about USPS Delivery Confirmation, and how to raise the withdrawal limit of a PayPal account without a Social Security number or credit card, with about 1,000 views per month each.

EBay Helpful Guides For Listing, Selling, Surviving

Block an EBay Bidder in a Specific Country Using Site Preferences

Create An eBay Fixed Price Multiple Quantity Listing To Maximize Views and Profit

eBay Auction Vs Fixed Price Fee Structure – The Best Way to List

EBay Gallery Image Upload Errors Reported

Free Feedback and eBay Bidding Tools from,, and

How Do I Schedule An eBay Listing In Advance?

How Many Listings Are There on eBay and Other Alternative Auction Sites?

How to Create the Perfect eBay Item Title

How to Easily Contact eBay Live Help Chat

How to Effectively Use eBay Feedback Revision (Formerly Mutual Feedback Withdrawal) to Get Negatives Removed

How to File an eBay Unpaid Item Strike or Cancel A Transaction

How to Raise Your Listing and Gain More Visibility in eBay Best Match Search

How to Remove Negative Feedback on eBay – And Deal With Those You Can’t

How to Use eBay Gallery Picture and Gallery Picture Plus Upgrade

How to Use Inserts in the Item Description to Save Time Listing on eBay

How to Use Texter to Save Time Creating eBay Listings

My eBay Item Isn’t Showing Up in Search Results – What’s Wrong?

Understanding eBay Selling Limits – What They Are and How to Get Around Them

Using the eBay Subtitle Upgrade to Maximize Views and Guarantee the Highest Price Possible

What Should My eBay Payment and Shipping Terms Be?

What Starting Price Should I Set for My eBay Item? An Introduction to eBay Pricing Strategies

EBay Policy

EBay Accused of Manipulating Detailed Seller Ratings in Order to Deny Sellers Fee Discounts

EBay Finally Addresses Recent Customer Service Woes Through E-Mail Contact

EBay Finally Figured Out Anonymous Email System? Nahhhhh

EBay Search Broken Like Really Broken Not A Euphemism

EBay Search Visibility Report and Best Match Analysis Broken, Worthless

EBay Spring 2010 Seller Update Revisited – Ebay’s Highest Fees Ever

EBay Using Policy Violations to Strip Users of Powerseller Status and Right to Fee Discounts

eBay’s “5 Free Insertion Fees Every 30 Days” “Discount” Costs Sellers More Money In Fees

EBay’s Real Problem – An Erosion of Trust Between Buyer and Seller

How to Return an eBay Item to the Seller Part 1 – Am I Eligible?

How to Return an eBay Item Part 2 – Contact The Seller and Return Shipping

Important eBay Seller Announcement

MC042 EBay Reinstates Thousands of Suspended Accounts

Spring 2010 Fee Update – EBay Thinks We Won’t Notice

Tend EBay’s Garden for Free and Experience New Search

PayPal Guides

A Tutorial on How to Use Paypal MultiOrder Shipping Efficiently to Save Time and Money on Postage

Beware of PayPal Personal Account Gift Payment Scam

Contact Paypal Executive Escalations Department By Email

eBay and Paypal Seller Protection Policy – What’s Really Covered

EBay Expands 21 Day Payment Hold Policy To All Sellers?

How to Enable Paypal Merchant Rate Pricing and Save Money on Paypal Fees

How to Fund PayPal Account With Cash Via MoneyPak – No Credit Card or Bank Account Required

How to Remove Paypal Limitation and Restore Account Access

Paypal 21 Day Payment Hold on eBay Sales – What It Is and How to Deal With It

Paypal Policy Update Coming June 3 – July 1, 2009

Paypal Rolling Reserves Rolling Out For Many July 23, 2009

Verify and Lift Limit on Paypal Account Without Credit Card or Social Security Number

Shipping Tips, Guides

Can I Use My Own Box to Ship USPS Flat Rate?

Can USPS Signature Confirmation Be Used to Ship to P.O. Box?

Does USPS Require A Signature For Delivery?

Guide Roundup – How to Ship on eBay and Paypal

How to Print USPS International Shipping Label With Required Customs Forms

How to Use USPS Signature Confirmation Effectively with eBay and Paypal

Is It Less Expensive to Ship an Envelope or a Box With USPS/Fedex/UPS?

Print USPS Small and Large Flat Rate Box Labels With PayPal On EBay

The Limitations of USPS Delivery Confirmation

The Perils of International Shipping With eBay and Paypal – A Guide to Successful Shipping Practices

USPS Shipping Tips and Tricks For Buying and Selling With eBay and Paypal

Utilizing USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes For Your eBay Business

What the May 11, 2009 Postal Rate Increase Means For Your eBay Business

When to Buy Shipping Insurance Part One – The Buyer’s Perspective

When to Buy Shipping Insurance Part 2 – The eBay Seller’s Perspective

Stock and Corporate News

As Expected, eBay Inc. Results Exceed Expectations

EBay Beats Estimates – Revenue, Earnings, and Guidance Improve

EBay Is A Stronger Company Than Amazon – And I Can Sort Of Prove It

Where is eBay Headed in 2009 and Beyond? Today’s Earnings Report May Give Us Some Ideas


The Great October USPS Track and Confirm Debacle

USPS Delivery Confirmation Labels Erroneously Returning “There Is No Record of This Item”

USPS Prices Going Up, Staying the Same, Going Down in 2010

USPS Track & Confirm Search Results Online Update

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