Create An eBay Fixed Price Multiple Quantity Listing To Maximize Views and Profit

9 Jun

I have written a bit on pricing strategies, fee structures, and “Best Match” search placement, but thought I would take this opportunity to make sure we all understand how multiple quantity Fixed Price listings work on eBay.

Fixed Price Multiple Quantity listings are some of the easiest to create and most profitable on eBay.  They’re easy because you only have to create one listing for many items and they’re potentially more profitable because you can choose what price to sell the item.  If you have more than one of the same item, it may be beneficial to create a fixed price listing with more than one item available to buyers.  In about a week, it will be possible for sellers to create listings where the buyer can choose the color and size of the item within the listing in Men’s and Women’s shoes.  In July, it will be possible to add this feature to other applicable categories in clothing and accessories.  This means sellers will be able to consolidate listings where they offer many different colors and sizes into just one listing. It should also cut down on the time it takes sellers to manually figure out what a particular customer wants.

A lot of sellers may continue to list numerous Fixed Price listings with different sizes and colors.  For example, many sellers still choose to list the same pair of Nike shoes in every single possible size and color as a separate listing.  This isn’t necessarily the best approach.  It may make the listings more obvious to buyers due to the sheer volume, but there is no guarantee that the buyer will even search through listings long enough to find them.  With eBay’s default “Best Match Search,” Fixed Price listings with sales are heavily favored in search results.  If a listing has two or three sales, it will show up in a buyer’s search results long before any Fixed Price listing without any sales.  If a buyer searches for “Nike Shoes” and you have a listing with several previous sales, free shipping, and good Detailed Seller Ratings, then chances are your item will show up in the top 10 search results, virtually guaranteeing that your item will be seen by every single buyer who searches for Nikes.  For now, you will have to make a note in your listing that it is impossible to choose the size within eBay and that the buyer should email you what size they want or include it in their Paypal note when they submit payment.  If your listing ends or you sell out of the quantity you had listed, it is still possible to take advantage of the increased search result placement you’ve earned if you relist the item without changing anything in the description or raising the price.  This is a strict policy.  If you change anything at all in the description you will lose your search placement.  EBay has this policy because it would be easy for a seller to sell a bunch of a $1 items, get high search placement, and then change the listing entirely to sell Nintendo Wii’s or a fraudulent item.  To take advantage of your raised search placement, I recommend simply clicking “relist” without making any changes to make sure your search placement is intact.

If you’re unsure of how to price your item, consider checking out my pricing strategies guide linked above.  I will mention here that it may be beneficial to accept the first few offers on your item that net a small profit, even if the prices aren’t as good as you’d like for future sales.  This will raise your search standing and make your item seem more appealing to buyers.  The first sale is always the hardest.  Once you sell one, future buyers will see that they aren’t the only one interested in the item at that price.  The downside is that buyers can check your feedback to see what prices previous buyers have paid and make offers accordingly.  The good news is that few buyers are that smart and you should be able to counteroffer a better price that the buyer will accept. You can also continually relist a Fixed Price listing with only one quantity, but you won’t take advantage of buyers who see that multiple units have already been purchased.

My recommendation is to create one account for Fixed Price listings and another account for auctions.  Separating the accounts will make it less likely that your Fixed Price listings will put a ceiling on the auction prices.  If you run auctions alongside Fixed Price listings, your auctions will rarely sell for more than the Fixed Price item price because most buyers will realize that they could just buy the item from the Fixed Price listing.  Since most buyers on eBay are looking for a “deal” it will be harder to get higher prices at auction because bidding a higher amount on the auction seems like less of a deal compared when compared to the Fixed Price listing, even if it still a great deal compared to retail or what they could buy the item for from another vendor.

Visibility is one of the most important aspects of being successful on eBay or any other platform.  Utilizing Fixed Price Multiple Quantity listings can increase your search visibility and lead to more sales at higher prices if used correctly.

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