EBay Gallery Image Upload Errors Reported

24 Aug

Over the last week, reports have been pouring in from users complaining that eBay isn’t displaying their gallery pictures properly in search results.  When this happens, eBay dispatches an email with the subject “There’s an issue with your gallery picture” and the body of the email reads,

Hi, josh@auctioncope.com,

There was an issue generating the Gallery picture for your listing: Listing Title (#AuctionNumber)

Why it didn’t work:
We were unable to identify the exact problem with:

Here’s how to fix it:
Please contact customer support at
support@ebay.com for more information about your Gallery picture.
You can resubmit or change your Gallery picture by clicking the following eBay page link or by copying or typing the link text into the Address box in a browser window:

To fix the error with your picture,click “Resolve issue.”

This is an automatically generated email,so we won’t receive any replies sent to this address.”

As usual, I assumed this was a cleverly created phishing email hoping I would click one of the links and enter my login information.  I logged into eBay and the gallery image was correctly displayed in “My eBay,” but when I clicked on my feedback and “View Items for Sale,” the gallery pictures were missing as indicated by the email.  The odd thing is that I listed three items consecutively with the exact same gallery picture using the “sell similar” button and changed nothing but the size in the title and item specifics. The first and the third listings had missing gallery photos, but the second listing’s gallery picture displayed properly.  When I was listing the item there was no upload error or any indication there was a problem with the listing.

To fix the problem, I clicked into the listing and then to “revise item” and reuploaded the gallery picture.  I then went back to check to see if it was displaying properly and it was still missing in search results.  At this point, I didn’t want to waste any more listing revision credits because of the brand name in the title so I gave up and waited to see if it was some kind of glitch that would resolve itself.  I checked back several hours later and the gallery image was displayed correctly and the issue was resolved. The gallery picture on the item that I did not revise was still missing which meant that eBay had not fixed the problem automatically.

Alternately, you can safely click the link eBay sends you which will take you to this screen with the item number filled in:
eBay Gallery Picture Upload Problem

Clicking next will bring you to this screen:

eBay Gallery Picture Upload Issue Fixed

The image you uploaded should be visible on the top with a blank image under “Review new gallery picture.”  Click “Create” and it should then show the newly created gallery picture in the box that was previously blank.  Click “Done” and your image should now be properly displayed in search results.  The good news is that doing it this way immediately makes the gallery picture visible in search so there is no delay like there was doing it manually.  Also, this process can be completed even after there are bids on the item. It also appears that this does not count towards your brand name listing quota, but that isn’t guaranteed at this point.

There is currently no notice on eBay’s System Announcement Board about this problem. It is unclear exactly what the problem is, how prevalent it is, or how long it will last. In my five years on eBay I have never encountered an issue like this where there was a problem with a listing that eBay didn’t automatically catch before submission and then sent an email to correct afterwards. It is interesting that eBay has the image ready when the link in the email is clicked, but they do not automatically “create” the gallery picture for you and correct the problem themselves. It seems like the issue could be resolved automatically on their end since they are aware of the problem and an easy one button fix is available.

If eBay acknowledges the problem I will update this post with their explanation.

5 Responses to “EBay Gallery Image Upload Errors Reported”

  1. Kerri 27. Aug, 2009 at 12:27 pm #

    I just got this message about one of my listings, and sure enough it wasn’t showing even though the picture showed when I went to edit the listing. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone.

  2. sylvia 28. Sep, 2009 at 6:01 pm #

    Thought I was going crazy! I’m having this problem with about a dozen listings that were created in Turbo Lister and pics are hosted by Photobucket. The images all display properly on listing pages so I’m assuming the problem is with Ebay and not Photobucket. Gallery thumbnails showed up fine in MyEbay but not in search results. Then I opened a new window and no gallery image in MyEbay either! New window again and thumbnails are back in MyEbay but still not showing in search results. I’ve posted this problem on the Turbo Lister discussion board and contacted Ebay customer support but no response yet. If anyone has figured this out I’d appreciate hearing about it.

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