Guide Roundup – How to Ship on eBay and Paypal

30 Apr

Since I’m just about done with shipping guides for now, I thought I would create a quick cheat sheet for those who may have missed a guide.  The way the blog is currently set up is not necessarily conducive to the easy access of information.  I apologize for that and am working on a better setup.

When to Buy Shipping Insurance Part One – The Buyer’s Perspective – Explains that the buyer is not responsible for paying shipping insurance. If the item is damaged during shipment it is the seller’s responsibility to refund the buyer and proceed through filing a claim.

When to Buy Shipping Insurance Part Two – The eBay Seller’s Perspective – Explains the options sellers have to insure their packages. Shipping insurance is often not a wise investment because it is extraordinarily difficult to get a claim granted.

Utilizing USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes For Your eBay Business – Explains when it is cost efficient to use Flat Rate Envelopes and Boxes rather than variable rate packaging. Identifies the sizes and costs of each.

The Limitations of USPS Delivery Confirmation – Explains that Delivery Confirmation numbers are not meant to be used for “tracking” a package during transit. Nonetheless, it is imperative that a minimum of Delivery Confirmation be used on every item a seller ships.

How to Use USPS Signature Confirmation Effectively with eBay and Paypal – Explains when Signature Confirmation must be used by sellers on eBay when accepting Paypal. Also outlines its weaknesses for both the buyer and seller.

The Perils of International Shipping With eBay and Paypal – A Guide to Successful Shipping Practices Explains in detail the many international shipping options available to sellers. Following these guidelines is imperative for any seller wanting to open up their business to international customers. Without this vital information sellers run the risk of heavy losses.

A Tutorial on How to Use Paypal MultiOrder Shipping Efficiently to Save Time and Money on Postage Explains how to set up Paypal MultiOrder Shipping with easy to follow instructions and pictures. This cuts the time it takes to print shipping labels by as much as 90%.

USPS Shipping Tips and Tricks For Buying and Selling With eBay and Paypal This is a compilation of tips and tricks I have picked up over my 5 years selling on eBay.

If there’s a guide you would like to see posted on shipping, or anything else, leave a comment or send me an email.

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