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13 May

There are a variety of free tools available to buyers and sellers who are looking to research who they are dealing with on eBay.


Toolhaus provides a variety of helpful feedback tools.  The most popular is the negative/neutral feedback search.  If a seller receives a lot of feedback, it can be a pain to click page after eBay, Toolhaus, Goofbay, Sellerdome, Free, Bidding, Tools, Auctionpage looking for relevant buyer complaints.  You can type in a seller’s eBay ID and Toolhaus will list only the neutral and negative feedback a seller has received over the entire history of their account.  There are also other tools available on the site, including item-fb where you can check a seller’s feedback on a particular item.  If you’re looking for a refurbished Xbox 360, you may want to know what feedback a seller has received on the other Xbox 360′s they’ve sold in the past.  There are also a couple of other searches available on the site, including one that will tell you if a seller is in danger of suspension for seller non-performance as well as a blocked-bider check to see if any of your blocked bidders can be removed from your list because they are no longer registered.  This was more useful in the past when eBay allowed sellers to  keep a much shorter list of blocked bidders.


Another handy site with a number of free tools for bidders is Goofbay.  Goofbay provides a feedback checker similar to Toolhaus’s along with several other tools.  The first, “Not in Title Search,” searches eBay for items that don’t include the basic keyword for what the item actually is.  For example, as you learned from my eBay Item Title Guide , all of the words a buyer searches for must be present in your Item Title for the item to show up in their search results.  If a seller lists a Canon Rebel XTi Digital Camera, but forgets to include the word “camera” in their listing, anyone who searches for “Canon camera” will not see the listing, even if it’s what they’re looking for.  When you search for these listings you have a better chance of getting a bargain because fewer bidders will have seen the item.  The “eBay Seller History” search takes a long time to complete for sellers with a lot of transactions.  You can try it, but if a seller has a lot of listings the search probably will never complete unless you give it a long time.  The eBay Best Offer search also seems like a great idea, but it also takes a long time to complete for sellers with a lot of completed transactions.  The eBay bid history search is useful to see what else your bidders are bidding on.  A similar search is available from eBay, but Goofbay includes the item’s gallery picture for easier viewing.  The “eBay Price Finer” and “eBay Most Popular” searches are entirely worthless as far as I can tell, but you can give them a shot if you like.


Finally, Sellerdome provides a list of the top eBay sellers worldwide by feedback score.  If you want to purchase an item from a professional eBay seller, this is a good place to start looking.  It can also be interesting to search sellers by userID to see if they’re in the top 100,000 eBay sellers.  If they are, Sellerdome breaks down their feedback scores, what category they sell in, and links to their eBay items or store.  The search box is located at the top right of the page.

These are just a few of the popular tools available free to interested buyers and sellers on eBay.  If you have another you think would be helpful, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

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