How Many Listings Are There on eBay and Other Alternative Auction Sites?

18 May

There are currently more than 27 million active listings on eBay.  That’s about 3 times the number of all the other auction sites combined.  To view a live chart of eBay listings along with other auction sites check out The Power Sellers Unite Chart.  Although the amount of listings on eBay has been increasing throughout 2009, not all of the news is good.  EBay traffic is down 5 percent year over year and page views are down almost 30%.  This means that 3 million less people are visiting eBay monthly and the ones that do are viewing fewer auctions.  In March 2009, Amazon received 54.60 million unique visitors to eBay’s 54.23.  One thing to take into consideration is that Amazon has a formidable online presence of their own which has nothing to do with how many third-party sellers are on their site selling used video games, books, etc. Amazon’s greatest asset is that they are one of the best places to shop online. Amazon’s good name helps bring business to third-party sellers, but traffic numbers don’t necessarily translate to greater sales for third-party sellers. If you’re looking for other venues to sell on, bookmark the Power Sellers Unite chart and pay attention to which platforms are gaining popularity. Ebid, Bonanzle, and eCrater are all viable sites that are increasing in popularity. Buyers, consider checking out these sites as well, as many of eBay’s best sellers have moved exclusively to these alternative venues.

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  1. seller 18. May, 2009 at 1:09 am #

    I have seen a drastic decrease in views lately on my ebay listing pages and I’m having to drop my prices lower and lower to get buyers to bite now. Things are just looking worse and worse on ebay lately and I really am wondering if it’s just a bad month or if it’s a tell tale sign of the future. Scary stuff!

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