USPS Shipping Tips and Tricks For Buying and Selling With eBay and Paypal

24 Apr

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This article’s main points and concerns are:

If you add shipping insurance you must also add Delivery Confirmation or Signature Confirmation.

Buyers, when returning an item to a seller, you must use the same techniques sellers use to ship to you.

Understanding how USPS rates work can save you serious money.

Hide or show the postage cost when shipping with Paypal.

Turn off shipping receipts to save paper/labels.

Use Paypal to print a shipping label to anywhere, even when there is no accompanying payment.

USPS Priority Tyvek Envelopes are strong, lightweight, and free.

Utilize Self Adhesive Shipping Labels to Save Time.

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Paypal requires online verifiable confirmation that the item reached the buyer. Although Shipping Insurance provides a number that looks like it should track online, it will not show delivery status. For this reason, Delivery or Signature Confirmation must be purchased.

Buyers, when returning an item to the seller, you must also use Delivery or Signature Confirmation to prove that the return reached the seller. There are many unscrupulous sellers who will deny they received a return if you do not have confirmation of delivery. If the transaction amount is below $250, I suggest only adding Delivery Confirmation. This way, the seller can’t refuse to sign for the package and have it returned back to you and you won’t risk losing a dispute over the seller not receiving the return.

There is no difference in cost between a package that weighs 2lbs 1 ounce and 3 pounds even, but there is a significant increase in cost between 3 lbs even and 3lbs 1 ounce. Likewise, there is no difference in cost between a package that weighs 1 pound 1 ounce and 2 pounds even but there is a significant increase between 2 pounds even and 2 pounds 1 ounce. The point here is that you want to use packaging that does not go into the next price increase. Try to mark all packages with the weight rounded down to the nearest pound.

When shipping with Paypal it is possible to hide the cost of shipping on the shipping label. This used to be handier before DSRs when I charged $15 to ship an item that cost $5, but it still may be beneficial. There is an option to “display postage value on label” in the middle of “shipment options.” If you have “free shipping” on your items or a reasonable fee I suggest going ahead and displaying the shipping charge so buyers have the opportunity to see how much was paid. If you charge an exorbitant fee I would recommend hiding the actual charge. Very few buyers will probably notice either way.

Paypal Hide or Show Postage Cost

It is possible to turn off shipping receipts. To do this in Paypal,

Click “Profile” at the top of “My Account

How to not print shipping receipt Paypal Step 1

Click Shipping Preferences

Click Edit Printer Settings

Uncheck the box

It is possible to use Paypal to print a shipping label even if there is no accompanying payment. This is handy if you don’t like the interface at or just prefer to use Paypal funds to pay:

Use Paypal to Ship a Package Anywhere

Use USPS Priority Tyvek envelopes for items that are not fragile. They are perfect for items like clothing. Order them for free delivery here: USPS Priority Tyvek Envelopes

Instead of printing on regular paper and affixing labels with glue or tape, it is possible to buy self adhesive shipping labels that act just like large stickers. Other than saving time and tape, self adhesive shipping labels also make it easier for the Post Office to scan Delivery Confirmation numbers because there won’t be tape in the way or messy glue underneath. When purchased online, they can also be acquired for less than 3 cents each. I recommend

Labeldog eBay Store

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